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 NPCUS Business To Business Relationship

   Nitro Property Clean-Up Services operate and is located in Denver, Colorado serving Denver metro area. We are here to assist you in many areas of concern and can make field visits for maintenance and to inspect. We can make field visits at your request to give a report about your asset or if a client is in compliance.    


  We offer services to Home Owners, Investors, Real Estate Co., Banks, Servicers and more. Our services include but is not limited to Property Maintenance, Repairs and Inspection Services and we use the technology you're used to using, so we can upload to your web sites and keep in contact with you in the field.  We keep our records for ten years making it easy for us to retrieve the information that you may need at a later date.


   We would like to work with you and be your eyes and ears while maintaining your properties.  We respond quickly to your calls and our prices are competitive to others.  We strive to give the highest standard in quality services.  Contact Lark at 720-862-6139 to discuss the services you need or send us a email through our "Contact Us" page where you may also order our services. We are here to work along side of you and not just for you. 


   Please visit our Services page so that you can see many of the Services that we can provide.