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Sprinkler Startup, Blowout and Repairs


  If your a home owner in the Green Valley Ranch area, Servicing your Lawn Sprinklers and protecting your assets is of the utmost importance and we are here to assist you with the professionalism, expertise and the knowledge you expect. We are accountable for any service we provide.  


   Sprinkler System Startup is an essential  part of protecting your assets. I offer professional service for home owners in the Green Valley Ranch area at a low price because I'm also a resident of the the Green Valley Ranch area. I am properly insured and all work is guaranteed.


 Sprinkler Blowout in the Fall will protect your asset and keep you from paying out hundreds of dollars when Spring arrives. It will also ensure that Spring Startup wil go smoothly.


Occasionally things get damaged or misaligned or just needs replaced, we are able to make adjustments, replacements or repairs. Call and set an appointment to get your Lawn Sprinkler up and flowing.


Professionalism - We give our clients our best. We do what we say we will do. Our standards are at a high level. We are trust worthy and we want to be trusted. Our work ethics are professional and of a high nature.


Expertise - We complete our service with you the client in mind. We know you depend on our service to be on time, precise and complete. Although we do not pretend to know it all we pledge to take the necessary steps to obtain the knowledge to complete our work in a timely and professional manner.  


Knowledge - Educating ouselves for the work that we do has been top priority for us but it doesn't stop there. We have found that having good knowledge of the work that we perform is not totally complete but having knowledge of all aspects of the business is key to success. So we have taken special emphasis on the tools that we depend on because our tools are like our right hand. Without our tools many task could not be completed and without the knowledge to use them our business would be a disaster.


Accountability - It is our aim to always give quality work and we take pride in everything we do. That's why we take full responsibility for the services we offer, we are accountable for the services we provide.


We shall neither fail nor falter; we shall not weaken or tire...

give us the tools and we will finish the job.” 

Winston Churchill





 We are able to completely winterize your property giving you that peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets are fully protected. 










NPCUS Sprinkler Blow Outs 













Special Information For Home Owners


 We can replace Pressure Vacuum Breakers

 (Backflow Device)





The typical Pressure Vacuum Breaker (Backflow Device) found on most residential homes.


 Note: Compressed air should not be blown through any backflow device.








NPCUS/Sprinkler Blow Out Port Not Installed 
















 We can make and install a special air compressor connection port that YOU’RE BLOWOUT contractor can use to connect their air compressor quick connect to. This will give your contractor the proper access to BLOWOUT your sprinkler system properly and prevent the chances of damaging your backflow device.








NPCUS/Sprinkler Blow Out Port Installed 




NPCUS Complete Property Winterization 











 Or if your looking to winterize just the lawn sprinklers, we can blow out only the sprinkler system.



















NPCUS Replace or Repair Backflow Devices 
















 The lawn sprinkler systems on most houses here in Green Valley Ranch do not have a separate port installed to connect an air compressor hose quick connect to it. In almost all cases you have to connect to the backflow device and this practice is not recommended but contractors have no other choices for connecting their air compressor quick connect.













NPCUS/Close Up Sprinkler Blow Out Port Installed 












 Your lawn sprinkler system will look something like this and the added protection of the BLOWOUT access port will save you time and trouble over the years. Also, your favorite contractor will thank you for the risk free quick connect access.








 Spring Start-Ups


We can Startup your Sprinkler System in the spring and make any repairs that you may need through out the year. 



I will respond so please call us at 720-862-6139 and ask for Lark or send us an email through our "Contact Us" page where you may also order our services. Call us today; you'll be happy you did!